What struck me the most about the story

What struck me the most about the story is not the instances of blatant racism, which so many of us are appalled by and vocally disavow, but the more subtle signs of white privilege so prevalent in our society that we don’t recognize or acknowledge. How many of us don’t correct our grandparents when they refer to people of color as “coloreds” because they’re old and set in their ways? How many of us are so afraid of being perceived as racist that we overcompensate? Saying “I don’t see color, I just see people,” is in itself white privilege. Christmas shopping and seeing an entire aisle of white Barbie dolls is “normal.”.

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cheap snapbacks The production also features set design by Don Hooper, light design by Courtney Gaston, and costume design by Julia Eckelkamp.”This production of Shakespeare’s classic is fast paced, visceral entertainment that yanks the rug out from under the audience in the second half,” promises director and Captain Shreve drama coach Heather Peak Hooper. “Audiences find themselves rooting for the star crossed lovers even though we all know how it ends! “Set in 2016 urban America, MLP’s Romeo and Juliet reimagines Shakespeare’s tale with a racially diverse cast of both Centenary and Captain Shreve students.The production combines multi media with live theater to build a modern world for the star crossed lovers. The script has been significantly trimmed, but Shakespeare’s original language still drives this timeless story to its fateful end.”It has been fun and exciting developing the show with this cast of high school and college aged kids cheap snapbacks.

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